Rev Up Your Fitness Routine With These New Workouts

Bored by the usual exercises? Here are 6 new ways to get fit and where you can try them on your next trip.

 Your favourite fitness workouts have been given a fresh spin. From indoor exercises in an infrared studio to cardio-blasting sessions on the tennis courts, here’s an eye-opener to 6 types of  classes to try on your next trip to these cities! 

The new cryotherapy: Infrared workouts

While cryotherapy chambers help people to keep their cool post-workout, over the past 12 months, infrared has expanded from relaxing infrared saunas to infrared studios, in which yoga classes, spinning classes and kickboxing sessions are held.

These studios help your muscles warm up naturally by using infrared light rays, rather than just heating the air around you, which is what happens with regular hot yoga studios.

An added benefit: The room won’t feel as stuffy. Infrared heat also has the added benefit of releasing nitric oxide, which is said to increase the nutrients needed to help repair muscles.

Try it in: Good Vibes in London, which is said to be the first far infrared yoga studio in Europe. 

The new aerial yoga: Dharma Yoga Wheel

Forget about dangling in a bed sheet from the ceiling. The hottest workout prop on the block is the Dharma Yoga Wheel. Created by yoga guru Dharma Mittra, this foam roller for yogis is proving so popular that pins of it on Pinterest increased by 72 per cent in 2018.

This circular prop made from plastic and matting is designed to help you improve your flexibility and achieve the deepest of stretches. You can use it as you would a towel or strap to help pull yourself down as you stretch, or as extra support to help you perfect a backbend. It’s deceptively simple but effective.

Try it in: Shiva Yoga Studio in Singapore, which conducts yoga wheel classes tailored to intermediate students.

The new F45: Orangetheory Fitness

This group exercise class from Florida has taken the world by storm. Over 60 minutes, you will burn calories and tone your body by using a combination of treadmills, rowing machines and floor exercises. You’ll be given a heart rate monitor when you enter the gym and you can see your results live on a big screen.

This helps you monitor your progress, show the trainer how hard you are working, and if you need extra motivation, it gives you the chance to compete with other gym-goers. The aim of the game is to reach 84 per cent of your heart rate – known as the orange zone. Once you hit that zone, it is said that you will be able to burn calories for up to 36 hours post-workout.

Try it in: Orangetheory Fitness, which has multiple locations across Sydney.

The new HIIT: LIIT

Low intensity interval training (LIIT) is the latest buzzword when it comes to burning fat. It takes the same format as a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class – a training period followed by a recovery period, but with a LIIT class, you go from a jog to a walk, rather than a sprint to a jog, and your workout lasts longer.

HIIT workouts usually last between 10 and 30 minutes, but LIIT workouts take up to 45 minutes. Researchers say that LIIT fans still get the calorie burn by shocking their body as they change speeds, as well as other low-intensity benefits, such as increased cardiovascular endurance and less damage to their joints.

Try it in: Gyms such as Third Space London, which have coaches that are familiar with low-intensity workouts.

The new spinning class: VersaClimber

If you want to discover muscles that you never knew you had, a VersaClimber class is the place to do it. You’re in good company too: Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper and Lebron James are said to be obsessed with this group workout.

This low-impact machine is a climbing wall mixed with a Stairmaster. You walk on the steps and push and pull the handles that are above you with your arms. Through a series of different exercises, including faster reps and squats, you can train your arms, chest, shoulders, back and glutes. As it is low-impact, it reduces any chance of injury.

Try it in: Sweat by BXR in London, which is touted to have Europe’s first dedicated group VersaClimber session. 

The new tennis: Cardio tennis

It’s a tennis match, but not as you know it.

You get to wear your tennis kit and hold your racquet, but this high-energy group workout that takes place on the court includes music, tennis drills and team games. The 60-minute class starts with a warm-up (jumping over racquets or running along an agility ladder) before you move on to cardio-blasting (backhands, forehands and volleys) and then on to the tennis section, which is played as a team.

Participants can also wear heart rate monitors to make sure they are working within their aerobic zone. You don’t need to be Serena Williams to take part, but it’s going to make you feel like a winner.

Try it in: Brisbane’s University of Queensland, which offers regular classes in the UQ Sport Tennis Centre.

For more fitness ideas, check out more fun workouts that can help you lose that holiday fat. Note: Do not take part in any form of exercise without consulting your doctor.

Adapted from Fraser Cachet Issue #32 © Frasers Hospitality and SPH Magazines


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