Fraser Secrets: Festive Treats Made Easy

A Fraser Suites Dalian employee shares his secret for creating easy, colourful and delicious festive treats at home

Yu Chao, a security officer at Fraser Suites Dalian and who also known as Scott by his colleagues, has begun what he intends to be a cherished annual tradition with his beloved toddler daughter.
Yu Chao (Scott), security officer of Fraser Suites Dalian bonding with his baby daughter
During the festive season, Scott plans to create a surprise festive treat for his daughter, hoping that this is an activity that he and his daughter can look forward to each year.
Scott’s dream is for his daughter to someday grow up and become a Michelin star chef. The little girl currently delights in putting the finishing touches to her father’s creative culinary treat. Consequently, making the festive treats at home together makes a meaningful and memorable experience for both.

This year, Scott created two beautiful festive treats and is thrilled to share his recipes here on Fraser Secrets, so that residents, guests and friends of Frasers Hospitality can recreate these with their own families at home.

Minty Christmas Tree
Making this beautiful festive tree is easy.

First, you will need the following ingredients:
15 mint leaves, 5 baby tomatoes, a small bunch of corn kernels, a half carrot, Thousand Island dressing

Next, follow these step-by-step instructions on how to create your own Minty Christmas Tree at home:
Firstly, arrange the mint into the shape of a Christmas Tree.
Secondly, slice the carrot and create a star shape, various round shapes and flying bird shapes.

Next, use as much creativity and imagination as possible to decorate the Christmas Tree,  using your ingredients such as small tomatoes, corn kernels and variously shaped carrots slices.
In addition, garnish with Thousand Island dressing as if it is a garland on the Tree and on the top.
Lastly, plate and serve cold.

Colourful Sausage Mistletoe
The sausage mistletoe makes an eye-catching and delicious festive treat. It’s also easy to make. 

You will need the following ingredients: 
A piece of carrot, broccoli, red pepper and yellow pepper; a cooked sausage roll,  3 potatoes, Thousand Island dressing

Here are the instructions for creating your own Colourful Sausage Mistletoe at home:
Begin by mashing the three potatoes.
Next, use the mashed potatoes to form a circular shape on the plate, taking care to keep the centre of the circle/plate empty.

Meantime, dice the broccoli, red and yellow pepper into small pieces. Next, cut the sausage roll into thin slices.
Slice the carrot into long, thin diagonal strips.

After the broccoli, pepper, sausage roll and carrots have been cut and sliced into small pieces, arrange the pieces of broccoli, yellow and red pepper on top of the mashed potatoes circular bed, adding the slices of sausage as accents. Next, arrange the carrot strips to look like a bow at the centre top of the mashed potato bed. In conclusion, anchor the ‘bow’ with a cherry tomato in the middle.

As a finishing touch, garnish with Thousand Island dressing and serve.

We hope that you enjoyed creating these festive treats at home to enjoy with your families.
From all of us at Frasers Hospitality, warmest greetings for peace, love and joy to you and your families this festive season.

Fraser Secrets is a collection of secret recipes, stories and tips collected and curated by our Frasers Hospitality family around the world.


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