Quiz: Here’s Your Customised Travel Guide to Dalian

If you’re visiting Dalian for the first time and aren’t sure where to begin – we’ve got you covered!

Strategically located in China’s Liaodong Peninsula, the Russians and Japanese have fought over Dalian and left their influence. Dalian is more than just home to the country’s largest port in the north today. The laid-back coastal city is one of China’s cleanest, greenest and most liveable, and it grows to draw more admirers for its beauty and history.

If you’re coming down to Dalian for the first time and aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Take the quick quiz below for your personalised adventure in Dalian!


  1. You’ve checked into the departure hall a full hour earlier than your boarding time. What will you do?

    1. Wonder what new deals they have at the Duty Free?
    2. I heard there’s a garden in here, let’s check that out!
    3. Look for a comfy seat to catch up on my destination readings

  2. It’s your first time in China and a friend who lives there would like to take you out. Which best describes your perfect first day out?

    1. Shop in the city’s biggest mall
    2. Picnic by the coast
    3. Visit the museum

  3. Saturdays are for ___

    1. Browsing the season’s latest collections.
    2. Exploring the next best scenic spot.
    3. The latest exhibition in town.

  4. If you could have dinner with one historically famous person, who would it be?

    1. A game-changing fashion designer
    2. A creative nature photographer
    3. A famous historian

  5. Packing for your next trip, what will you never leave home without?

    1. An extra luggage/ bag
    2. A camera
    3. My kindle

Here’s your personalised guide to Dalian:

1. If you’ve answered mostly As, you’re the fashion-forward – You should visit Olympia 66, Tianjin Walking Street and Victory Square.

Shop along the streets of Dalian

Any self-respecting Chinese city will have a few dazzling malls, and the most prominent of here is Olympia 66. The building’s award-winning design is inspired by the shape of two swimming carps, with its massive 221,900sqm spread over seven storeys.

On the flipside, visit Dalian’s oldest shopping street, Tianjin Walking Street. It’s over 1,000 years old and is full of local flavour. There are shops, stalls and malls, plus many food vendors from whom you can grab some street sustenance for a meal!

Try exploring Victory Square – an underground labyrinth of many small shops selling everything from clothes and shoes to souvenirs, gadgets and decorative items. Be prepared to get lost, but you’re sure to be rewarded with all sorts of interesting bargains.

2. If you’ve answered mostly Bs, you’re the nature-lover – You should visit Binhai Road and Dalian Forest Zoo.

Dalian's scenic side

With mountains on one side and the sea on the other, this scenic 32 km road winds past a dozen key attractions and boasts China’s longest wooden boardwalk at 21km. If you’re swinging by for a short visit, focus on one section and bring along a picnic basket.

Visit Dalian Forest Zoo, which covers an extensive 7.2sq-km and houses a large variety of animals, the star of which is the panda. Wear good walking shoes, as the terrain is hilly – and did we mention huge?

3. If you’ve answered mostly Cs, you’re the history buff – You should visit Japanese-Russian history in Port Arthur and more.

The historic port town of Lushun or Port Arthur in Dalian

Delve deep into the historic port town of Lushun (Port Arthur), and explore the Japanese-Russian Prison Site. You may expect a sombre experience – including chilling testimonies from inmates and instruments of torture on display – and a deeper understanding of Dalian’s past.

Formerly occupied by the Russians and Japanese, Dalian is home to buildings bearing both nation’s architectural imprints. Check out Russian Street with its collection of old buildings and authentic Russian shops, and Zhongshan Square, for the grand Japanese versions, including those in Art Deco and French Renaissance styles.

Museum lovers can have their pick of Dalian’s offerings, which range from shells, snakes and art to natural, ancient and modern history. Did you know – Dalian hosts 3 unique and record-breaking museums? The Natural History Museum, Snake Museum and Shell Museum are the largest of their kind in the country, the continent (Asia) and the world respectively!

Bonus (for all!):

A stunning view of Xinghai Bay

Feel the coastal breeze, watch locals dance, and capture many Instagram-worthy sea views – what is there to not like about Xinghai Square, said to be the world’s largest? Go in the evening, when lights from the surrounding upscale apartments, restaurants, high-end commercial entities, amusement park and museums make it more magical. For dinner, go to Wanbao Seafood Fang, whose over-the-top decor – think sweeping marble staircase, massive chandeliers, gilded ceilings and Renaissance paintings – are served up alongside Dalian’s famous seafood. Call ahead and book a private dining room. You won’t be disappointed.

No matter your interest, you can be sure to enjoy the sheer luxury, style and doorstep convenience of Fraser Suites Dalian. Be surrounded by the vibrant and prosperous city right from Dalian’s new Donggang CBD, at a short distance from the Promenade. Fraser Suites Dalian forms part of this up-and-coming business and lifestyle district and boasts easy access to the airport, Dalian train station and subway for added convenience. You’ll also be glad to know that it’s an easy walk from the various attractions and landmarks the city has to offer, including the Dalian Port and Zhongshan Square. 

Adapted from Fraser Cachet Issue #29 © Frasers Hospitality and SPH Magazines



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