Ready for the World: 20 Vacation Ideas That Will Recharge You

Relax and rejuvenate are the buzzwords of travel. Looking for ideas beyond a spa retreat that can help you feel like a whole new you? Here are 20 handpicked for you.

Relax and rejuvenate are the buzzwords of travel. From the fast pace of life to the constant buzz around us, stressors from the big city can truly pose long-term threats on our health and well-being. Looking for ideas beyond a spa retreat that can help you feel like a whole new you? Here are 20 handpicked for you.

1. Float

Yes, you heard it right. Flotation therapy is essentially a way of achieving deep relaxation by lying quietly in sensory deprivation tanks, suspended in a warm solution of Epsom salt. It has been said to help with stress, body pain and even creativity! Dip in your own pod for some peace and quiet at this dedicated sanctuary in Singapore. 

Find it in: Singapore

2. Have a good laugh

Infectious and therapeutic, laughter helps release endorphins which help your body relax. It’s also a form of aerobic exercise as laughing tones your muscles, improves respiration and boosts your immune system! If you’re ever in Brighton and want a unique activity, how about a laughter gym session? 

Find it in: Brighton, England

3. Get crafty 

Painting is a way to get crafty

Return to a time before smart devices and enjoy the time you have off the grid! Take on an array of hands-on activities such as painting, analog photography, knitting and more. Even in a busy city like Seoul, there are always places to escape the buzz. This camera cafe is one to visit for some creative inspiration!

Find it in: Seoul, South Korea

4. Nourish your body 

A poor diet can contribute to stress, fatigue and overall susceptibility to developing illnesses. What better way to try a diet switch than in Japan, where eating clean is tasty too?

Find it in: Osaka, Japan

5. The sleep holiday

Sometimes all you need is a really good snooze. While you’re at it, start with these simple lifestyle changes hours before bedtime: avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks, stay away from heavy meals and spicy foods, and move that workout to earlier in the day.

Tip: Did you know that you can find sleeping packs at our Modena by Fraser properties? Look out for camomile tea, eye masks and a pillow menu that will enhance your quality of sleep. Check out Modena by Fraser Bangkok, one of the brand’s newest additions.

Find it in: Bangkok, Thailand

6. Help someone out

Offering a helping hand to others resets our minds by showing us how small our worldly problems are. Take the time to slow down and give back to communities. Concerned about the Syrian crisis? Check out how you can assist refugees by volunteering in Turkey.

Find it in: Istanbul, Turkey

7. Walk barefoot


Also called earthing, it’s little known that walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand has positive effects on our health. However, studies have shown that earthing can change the electrical activity in our brain, boost immunity and improve glucose regulation, among other benefits. If you have some downtime on your next visit to Shenzhen, slip on your flip flops and head out to one of the city’s top beaches to reconnect with nature.

Tip: Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China is just a short drive away from beautiful beaches such as Dameisha. 

Find it in: Shenzhen, China

8. Spend a day with animals

Ever wondered why you lose all frustration when you bump into a furry friend? A number of studies have supported the relaxing effects of interacting with animals! They reduce stress hormones, boost feel-good chemicals and make you more mindful overall. Now you may not own one, but how about heading to an animal sanctuary, and an ethical one while you’re it?

Find it in: Various locations, Thailand

9. Workouts that take it slow 

Swimming at Bondi Beach

While HIIT (high-intensity interval training) made headlines for many years, LISS (low-intensity steady state) workouts that involve a longer period of activity and place less strain on your body are now back in the spotlight. Pack a swimsuit and head out for a refreshing workout accompanied by spectacular views like in this ocean pool by Bondi Beach.

Find it in: Sydney, Australia

10. The long drive

Rent a car and go on a long drive to take your mind off things! While a plane might get you to your destination faster, road trips allow you to take in the sights at your own pace minus the crowds. A fascinating new view across Oman wouldn’t hurt either.

Find it in: Muscat, Oman

11. Brush up on your kitchen skills

Did you know that focusing your mind on a recipe can actually curb negative thinking, alleviate stress and boost self-esteem? Famous for its culinary schools, Paris is also popular for its cooking classes that allow guests to connect with the city’s well-loved cuisine.

Tip: Try out your newly found recipes when you stay with us, as our apartments come with fully equipped kitchens!

Find it in: Paris, France

12. Practise meditation

Yoga and meditation have been found to benefit your mind, body and spirit. Founded in India, the practice has spread its branches across the world. To try it at its source, delve into a range of courses from the basic foundations of the practice to spiritual enlightenment with a guru.

Find it in: New Delhi, India

13. Dive into another world

Diving puts your worries into perspective

“The moment my head goes underwater, all noise shuts out and I’m part of their world,” says Darren Jew, Australian marine photographer. Whatever you may call it, diving in the blues with marine life all around sure puts your worries into perspective. Dip in one of the world’s top diving hotspots at Barracuda Point.

Find it in: Sipadan, Malaysia

14. Broaden your worldview

Go on a culture trip and immerse yourself in a culture totally distinct from your own. As one of the oldest cultures in the world, China provides an experience like no other. Dive right into it by starting from the capital.

Find it in: Beijing, China

15. Spa time 

From treatments designed to relieve stress to dipping in medical spring waters, it’s little wonder how spa time has garnered the popular vote for relaxing things to do. As the spa capital of the world, Budapest’s famous baths offer an array of rejuvenating spa experiences.

Find it in: Budapest, Hungary

16. Put your thoughts down on paper

Penning thoughts on paper

What if we told you the quickest way to resolve the knot in your mind is simply penning your thoughts down? In fact, one study found that psychotherapy patients who have done this experienced greater reductions in anxiety and depressive symptoms. If you need literary inspiration, there’s no better start than the birthplace of Harry Potter!

Find it in: Edinburgh, Scotland

17. Tune in

It’s amazing what a profound effect music can have on you. Try an intimate gig and fuel your soul with the discovery of great music. Known for its live music scene, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest in Melbourne.

Find it in: Melbourne, Australia

18. The big party

Unwind by partying

Most people dream about hitting one massive, epic highlight in their lifetime. Of the many, Oktoberfest in Berlin just isn’t one to miss. Lose yourself (for the moment) in a celebration of life and bier with fellow friends!

Find it in: Berlin, Germany

19. Meet like-minded travellers

Being around people who share your perspective or can engage in healthy debate on common topics can be energising. The next time you’re in a big city, why not seek out meetups? You’ll find various interest-driven meetups in a city like Barcelona simply because are so many things to do here!

Find it in: Barcelona, Spain

20. Immerse yourself in a good read

Want to know the secret to being happy? Learn from the Danes in The Little Book of Hygge. Regardless of which book you choose, a good read is always best accompanied by a conducive space. With so many beautiful parks in London, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a spot to get some fresh air with a novel in hand.

Find it in: London, England

What’s your favourite way to recharge? Share them with us in a comment below!


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