20 Awe-Inspiring Ways to Do Drone Photography

Wondering how those stunning Instagram drone shots are created? Get inspiration from these 20 styles and try them out on your next trip!

Wondering how those stunning Instagram drone shots are created? Get inspiration from these 20 styles and try them out on your next trip!

1. Wait for day to turn into night


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Here’s an interesting way to capture night lights! Tricky but all worth the wait ­─ watch the city lights of Barcelona come to life with day-to-night stitching.

2. Reinvent the selfie

Take your selfies up a notch with an aerial perspective. This videographer explores the endless stretch of toffee-toned dunes in UAE’s Liwa with a panning overview.

3. Use light and shadows  

It’s interesting to see how our perspective shifts with the sun. Here the light is casting interesting shadows on the beach in Broome, Western Australia.

4. Up your symmetry game

Tokyo’s busy crossings attract a lot of attention for their flurry of traffic, but how do they look when you can actually see those dividing lines?

5. Compare and contrast colours


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What do you get when you combine Western Australia’s bubblegum pink lakes with baby sea blues and lush greenery? This is indeed a sight to behold.

6. Be inspired by pinball 

Beyond the city of love’s iconic landmarks, who would have known this pinball take on a slice of Paris was hidden in plain sight (aside from the architect of course)? Visit Porte d’Aubervilliers for a peek yourself.

7. Play peekaboo

Reminiscent of a retro game, Singapore’s public housing blocks were an interesting location to take playful shots such as this one.

8. See the city from the sky

It’s a welcome change to observe the city’s actual bustle from above. Here’s how one photographer has documented Bangkok’s edgy daily life.

9. Draw on agricultural patterns  


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Switch your perspective and see if you’re able to spot unique patterns in each city! It’s always interesting to see how each has planned out their plains, just like this one of Dubai.

10. Look for maze-like streetscapes

Before drone photography, few would have discovered how our highways were planned to be marvellous structures. We love how this highway in Shanghai weaves in and out beautifully.

11. Go where the sea meets sand

In playing with Mother Nature’s varied landscapes, beaches are a drone favourite! How’s this for a different view on the popular Bondi Beach? What’s more, it doesn’t appear quite as hectic from up there.

12. Find a central point of interest

It shouldn’t be difficult to find eye-catching architecture to frame a shot in our concrete jungles. Here’s one of such beautiful man-made structures spotted in Shenzhen.

13. Capture rare wildlife moments


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Mother and child in Sydney? Take whale-watching to the next level and capture tender moments such as these.

14. Spot the piece that doesn’t belong

The best backdrops for your next shoot may be hidden right among our daily lives. While we aren’t sure this is the safest choice, the East Dam of High Island Reservoir in Hong Kong sure makes a good setting for that Where’s Wally shot.

15. Take a traffic timelapse

Always a popular one, watch as the cars zoom by each day in this cinemagraph taken above a forest in Hakone, Japan. 

16. Do man vs world

Another popular shot, sometimes all it takes is a visual reminder as simple as this to remind us how small we are! Here’s one of the limestone mountains of Yangshuo, China.

17. Experiment with shapes

A clock, a vinyl or a speckled plate? The baths in Budapest were the perfect location for this radial interpretation.

18. Create a frame within a frame

Open courts framed by nature do make quite the talking point, but have you ever considered how your neighbourhood facilities look like from the top? Check out this sports field in Guangzhou.

19. Paint a picture 

Artwork or real life? This photographer found the perfect way to capture his view of golden hour at Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia.

20. Line up your layers 

Asia is home to a plethora of rice terraces and this one in Yunnan reflects the golden evening light as a farmer heads home. A picture-perfect moment we truly adore!

Have you found another way to take those stunning drone shots? Share them with us!


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